Helicopter Rescue from Pheriche

Pheriche is a beautiful village located at an altitude of 4,371 m (14,340 ft). It is a popular stopover point for trekkers making their way to Everest Base Camp. Mountaineers making their way to Mt. Everest (8849.86m) and other Everest Mahalangur Himalayas also pass through this scenic village.

Pheriche is an evacuation point and treatment center along the Everest base camp trail. A health post operated by the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) in Pheriche primarily targets climbers and trekkers. Run by volunteer medical professionals, this health post is quite a significant point in the village.

Moreover, this village is a popular acclimatization point with many community-run teahouses and lodges. You can find potatoes and buckwheat fields along with yaks grazing all around. Since it is a high-altitude region above 4000m, many people face the risk of getting altitude sickness.

Some altitude sickness symptoms include dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, headache, insomnia, etc. These altitude illnesses symptoms, if treated lightly, can lead to severe conditions. If not treated in time, these acute mountain sicknesses can even turn fatal.

There are rugged terrains along the trail that can cause various physical injuries and other medical conditions. Sprains, cuts, hypothermia, dehydration, etc., are pretty typical in such high elevations. Hence, a helicopter rescue works as a blessing for those who get stranded due to these conditions.

Upon your authorized request, we will send our helicopter to Pheriche and then transfer you to a hospital within three hours. The patients need to get good medical treatment as soon as possible. After arriving at Pheriche, we will transfer to the nearest hospital. We will try to send you to a related hospital that suits your condition.

We can also land at hospitals if there are proper landing facilities with a helipad. Our team provides fast and appropriate service to critical patients that require immediate treatment. Well-trained pilots with many years of experience run this Helicopter rescue from Pheriche.

We provide a trustworthy, safe, and reliable service. You can get our helicopter rescue assistance through a quick call. Happy traveling!

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Helicopter Rescue from Pheriche