Helicopter Rescue from Pangboche

Pangboche or Panboche is a settlement in the Everest Region located at an altitude of 3,985m(13,074m). Located some 3 km northeast of Tengboche, Pangboche is a famous village that lies on Everest Base Camp’s trail. Thousands of trekkers and alpinists pass through the village while traveling to various parts of the Everest Region.

It also acts as the base camp of the striking Mt Ama Dablam. Anyone who wants to admire the beauty of widely reckoned Mt Ama Dablam, Pangboche is the place to come. This village lying in the center of Imja Khola Valley is lived extensively by the mighty Sherpas, the best mountain climbers in the world. The settlement has a monastery that is one of the oldest monasteries in the region. The monastery is known for its stolen Yeti Scalp and its Hand. Moving little north of the Pangboche, you will find a stunning Dughla Lake and Dughla Pass.

Pangboche locates in between Dingboche and Tengboche on the trail of Everest Base Camp map. That makes this village a must-place for every climber and trekker of almost all of the region’s journeys. The famous mountain Mt Ama Dablam expedition also goes through Pangboche. Ama Dablam Base Camp lies just 4.7 km away from the village. Likewise, a trek to Dingboche from Pangboche is 6.96 km long. However, Pangboche village is quite near to the famous Tengboche, only 3 hours trek. Therefore, most of the trekkers stop at the village to have lunch.

Trekkers reach comfortably to this village from both higher and lower areas. However, that is not a guaranteed thing, and there can be times when people might get caught by altitude sickness. Both ascenders and descenders to the village are prone to the illness. The village’s altitude almost touches 4000m, and it is pretty risky to be contracted by the disease at such a height. The patient needs immediate rescue if symptoms get worse.

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Helicopter Rescue from Pangboche