Helicopter Rescue from Machermo

Everest Region is flocked with numerous small to big picturesque settlements. Located on the northern side of Nepal, Machermo is one of those villages. Named after Machermo Peak(6,237m), Machermo village sits at an altitude of 4,704m from sea level. Dole resides on the northern side of the village and Gokyo valley on the southern. Being in a Dudh Koshi Valley, Machermo is quite a beautiful place to wander around. The village is also not far from the longest Himalayas’ glacier, Ngozumpa Glacier, just below the glacier’s terminal moraine.

Machermo is one of the important stops of the Everest Base Camp Trek that goes via the Gokyo Ri route. If you follow the off-the-beaten trail to Everest Base Camp, i.e., through Gokyo, Machermo is sure to happen to you. As it lies on the Gokyo Valley trail and ultimately Everest Base Camp, the village has several teahouses to provide food and lodging services to travelers.

The Gokyo Ri route to Everest Base Camp goes via Machermo is more challenging than the standard one. However, this route is a great option to avoid overcrowd and trek in a peaceful environment. Machermo’s way to Everest Base Camp is not picked by many; only a few true adventures and peace lovers do. Trekkers reach Machermo after trekking for 5 hours from Dole. As you arrive in the village by evening, you will see breathtaking mountains in the backdrop and a beautiful village in front of the views. Later on, Machermo leaves you to the doors of the Gokyo Valley the next day.

To reach Machermo is not a joke but a tricky thing. As you know, the altitude of Machermo is 4,470m. Wandering at such a height is never free from the risk of mountain sickness. By the time trekkers hit 4000m height, they start to feel the existence of altitude sickness. If things are destined to get worse, trekkers’ health can get even worse. For such situations, you should always have a helicopter rescue service at the stand.

Nepal Helicopter Charter, an experienced helicopter service provider, provides prompt rescues from across Nepal. The team takes you directly to a safer place or even to the hospital depending upon the necessity. Do not forget to remember them at rescue emergencies.

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Helicopter Rescue from Machermo