Helicopter Rescue From Kothe

Kothe (3600m) is a scenic settlement located in the Hinku valley of the Everest region. The natural landscapes and breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains are its prime attraction. Trekkers need to pass through the thick bamboo forest to arrive at this village. It lies in the shadow of the beautiful Mera peak (6476m).

This beautiful place is located alongside a ridge of Hinku Khola. You can observe ancient monasteries, chortens, and other religious landmarks as well along the trails. Since this place is a remote area away from any settlement, communication and transportation are pretty challenging.

These taxing terrains have high chances of any physical injury. Physical injuries could mean that you will neither be able to trek further nor return back. This can be quite a troublesome situation for any trekker or traveler. Altitude sickness is another challenging condition where people get to face various challenges.

Headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and others are some of its symptoms. People will also get breathing difficulties. Moreover, their thinking ability gets reduced significantly in these conditions. There are no motorable roads that can lead you safely in case of any medical emergencies.

Therefore, you can take a helicopter evacuation in such conditions. Helicopter rescue is an excellent option as it is run by experienced pilots who have high skills in handling emergencies. These helicopter trips are a safe option as they take you to the nearest hospital in a short time.

You can give us a call for this helicopter rescue from Kothe. As soon as we receive a confirmation of your request, we will send our rescue helicopters. We will provide you our best service in a quick time. In case of any emergencies, we can also land in the hospital, given that they have proper landing facilities. Contact us for more information about helicopter rescue from Kothe. Happy traveling!

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Helicopter Rescue From Kothe