Helicopter Rescue from Khumjung

Khumjung (3,790 meters) is a beautiful village settlement in the Khumbu region. It lies in Pasang Lhamu rural municipality in Province no 1 of eastern Nepal. Moreover, this scenic settlement lies within the beautiful landscapes of Sagarmatha National Park. The village lies just beneath majestic Mount Khumbila.

Khumjung is also famous for a monastery that contains Yeti scalp. This village is quite well advanced as there are various facilities of mobile, and internet connections. The Khumjung school built by Sir Edmund Hillary Trust is another attraction in this village. One of most challenges of any trip to Khumjung is the rugged terrains.

Trekkers need to cross various trails that pass through difficult circumstances. There are chances of trekkers getting injured like blisters, cuts, sprains, twists, and others. These injuries are pretty challenging as they will not allow trekkers to trek further. You might also have trouble trekking back to your original starting point.

Besides that, altitude sickness or acute mountain sickness is another challenging aspect of this trek. People get sick because they cannot adapt to high altitude and have various symptoms like nausea, headache, dizziness, insomnia, shortness of breath, etc. These symptoms of altitude sickness can cause you a lot of difficulties. The only way to recover from it is to descend to a lower altitude as quickly as possible.

However, trekking back is not an option for injured trekkers. Hence, a helicopter evacuation is ideal in these conditions. It becomes essential to evacuate those who suffer from altitude sickness. This is because it can lead to several advanced form illnesses. In these illnesses, fluid gets entered into different body parts like the brain and lungs. It can also turn fatal in some cases.

Helicopter rescue from Khumjung takes you back to a good hospital located at a lower altitude. You can get transported to a safe place in less than three hours. We also land at hospitals in case there are proper landing facilities available. You can contact us and confirm your request, and we will send our helicopter as soon as possible.

You can be assured of safe and comfortable travel as our pilots have extensive experience and go through rigorous training. Our crew members are well trained and provide you friendly service. Contact us for more information about this helicopter rescue from Khumjung in detail.

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Helicopter Rescue from Khumjung