Helicopter Rescue from Khare

Khare (4,950m) is a remote village in the Everest region. The village is also the starting point of the Mera peak climbing adventure. It takes around 4 hours to reach Mera Peak Base Camp from Khare. This is the last village before the peak and is one of the scenic viewpoints of the region.

Trekkers can get the best view of Mount Everest (8848.86m) and other snow-capped Himalayas. It is also an excellent acclimatization spot for trekkers and climbers. You will pass through various small villages in the Khumbu region to arrive at Khare. This alternative trail deviates from the actual Everest base camp trail from Lukla.

You can observe the beautiful Mera peak rising out of the valley and other diverse Himalayan landscapes. There are Himalayan glaciers, serene lakes, water streams, and other beautiful natural landmarks in the region. However, traveling in such remote and rugged landscapes is quite challenging.

You are prone to multiple physical problems like getting a sprain, a cut, or other physical issues. Dehydration is common due to less oxygen in the atmosphere. Hypothermia and frostbites are due to freezing conditions. The most challenging factor in these high altitudes above 4000m is altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness due to minimal oxygen levels and air pressure is a significant threat for trekkers. If you are not acclimatized to the full extent, you can get more severe forms of acute mountain sicknesses. You can take necessary precautions to tackle symptoms of altitude sickness. However, if you start to feel these symptoms, you need to descend fast to a lower altitude region.

A helicopter evacuation comes in handy in these situations. We provide a swift helicopter rescue from Khare. As soon as our team receives your authorization, we will proceed on our rescue trip to Khare. We will find the best hospital where we can transport you quickly. This helicopter evacuation takes at most three hours which is a recommended time for such cases.

You can trust us as our pilots and crew members as they are regularly trained to complete these rescue missions. They also have multiple years of experience in high-altitude aviation. Contact us through a quick call to get our service. Safe travels!

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Helicopter Rescue from Khare