Helicopter Rescue from Gokyo

The trekking routes of Gokyo are relatively well-known among travellers. The trek ends at Gokyo Ri, and trekkers turn back from this point, retracing their step. If you have more days in your hand, you can combine the Gokyo trek with the Everest base camp trek.

Gokyo resides at an altitude of 4790 m above sea level in the Khumbu region. It lies on the west side of the Ngozumpa glacier, the largest glacier in the Himalayas of Nepal.

You will visit the Gokyo lakes, a major attraction, the Gokyo trek. There are six main lakes, and among them, Thonak is the largest. These lakes reside between 4700 m to 5000 m altitude, making them the world’s highest freshwater lake.

Gokyo Ri is the highest point, and it resides at the height of 5357 m. You get to see the world’s four highest peaks, located at an altitude above 8000 m from this place. They are Mount Everest (8848 m), Lhotse (8516 m), Makalu (8485 m), and Cho Oyu (8188 m).

While traveling at this height, there are chances of altitude sickness. Also, you can face unpredictable injuries that might put you at risk. No one can say what will happen in the mountains, so helicopter evacuation is available in case of an emergency.

Helicopter rescuers are just a call away and provide quick response and assistance. The rescuers start their mission immediately as they need to bring the patient back to the hospital within 3 hours.

As soon as they receive your authorization, they come to rescue you in your location. The rescuer first checks the condition of the patient and chooses the related hospital.

If the condition is severe, the helicopter directly lands at the hospital for quick treatment. The service is available for anyone at any time. The helicopter rescue service people are responsible and have enough experience.

On your trip to Gokyo, you will be reaching many high-altitude areas and staying in this region for more than a week. So some might need helicopter rescue due to altitude sickness.

The helicopter rescue from Gokyo presented by Nepal Helicopter charter is reliable and brings you back safely.

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Helicopter Rescue from Gokyo