Helicopter Rescue from Dingboche

Dingboche is a Sherpa village in the northeastern part of Nepal in the Khumbu region. The beautiful town resides at an altitude of 4140 m/ 14470 ft above sea level.

The population of this village was estimated at around 200 in 2011. This place is a popular stop for travelers to acclimatize during their base camp trek or climb to Everest, Imja Tse, or Ama Dablam.

Usually, the travelers stay two nights in this village and explore the nearby areas during that time. The people of Dingboche heavily rely on the tourist for their income. Their daily earning rises from lodges and tenting areas.

The Imja River flows on the east side of the village. And on the west lies the helicopter landing pad. Dingboche offers an internet cafe using satellite technology.

Several trekkers and climbers catch altitude sickness or other mountain sicknesses at this elevation. So, for times like this, Helicopter rescue from Dingboche is possible.

Helicopter services provide emergency evacuation for travelers suffering from medical problems. They reach the location of patients faster than any other transportation.

The Helicopter rescues the patient as soon as they get the authorization or call from you. The rescuers land at your location, transfer you, and admit you to the hospital.

The helicopter members are highly qualified professionals with years of experience. After looking at your condition, they apply the necessary measures and choose the related hospital.

The immediate rescue of victims is available for severe wounds like accidents or mountain illnesses like Acute mountain sickness, High altitude Pulmonary edema, or high altitude cerebral Edema. They also rescue patients with water in the lungs and brains.

They lift the patient to a safer place having enough medical attention. During severe cases, they land the helicopter near the hospital. Many hospitals have a helipad nearby.

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Helicopter Rescue from Dingboche