Helicopter Rescue From Chukkung

Chhukung is a scenic village settlement lying in the beautiful landscapes of the Khumbu region. Located on the southern slopes of Nuptse and Lhotse, the Chukhung Valley is naturally diverse. Chhukung extends beyond Dingboche, and there is a beautiful Imja Khola that passes through the village. There are Himalayan glaciers, including Lho Glacier and the Nup Glacier, in the valley as well.

Chukhung village was traditionally a yak pasture with no human settlements. As Imja Tse mountain peak climbing gained popularity, this village rose in prominence as well. It is now an excellent spot for acclimatization while taking a side trip from EBC trails. There are many accommodation spots, including teahouses and lodges that serve trekkers and climbers.

Altitude sickness is a challenging aspect in this high altitude region as it lies above 4000m. These altitude illness symptoms include nausea, headache, dizziness, insomnia, breathing difficulty, etc. These various conditions can turn out to be quite severe and challenging if not taken seriously. Some of these conditions can turn life-threatening without any adequate treatment.

Besides that, you may need to face various physical injuries and other medical conditions while trekking. Hypothermia, dehydration, cuts, and sprains are some of the physical challenges of an adventure in the mountains. Helicopter rescue is therefore ideal in situations like these. People stranded along trails can get the best facilities and quick evacuation through these helicopters.

Our helicopter rescue from Chukkung will take off as soon as we get your authorization. After arriving at Chukkung, you will then be transferred to the hospital with our team’s help. The process takes just around three hours as they need good medical treatment as quickly as possible. Proper landing facilities are essential for the helicopter to land.

Moreover, stable weather conditions and a clear sky are a must for the helicopter trip. Our team of well-trained and highly experienced pilots runs this helicopter rescue from Chukung. You can contact us for a safe and comfortable trip. We are just a quick call away. Have a safe journey!

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Helicopter Rescue From Chukkung