Helicopter Evacuation from Jongla (Dzonglha)

Jongla (3850m) is a remote settlement in the Everest region. This small settlement is quite a famous stopover for trekkers. You can arrive at Jongla after hiking down from Gorak Shep or Kalapathar. It lies en route to the Gokyo region where you can arrive passing the majestic Cho la pass (5,416 m).

The beautiful area provides you with the best views of snow-capped mountains, including Mt. Everest (8848.86m). You can also observe breathtaking views of other natural landscapes. There are terraced farmed hills, icy glaciers, water streams, and others in the Everest region.

There are many challenges to arrive at this remote place. Trekkers need to hike for around 5-6 hours for many days to reach Jongla from Lukla. This trekking journey takes place in various challenging terrains and remote trails. Trails of this trek are pretty tricky, especially for first-time trekkers.

One of the most common challenges trekkers face during their journey is that of physical injuries. Cramps, blisters, cuts, twists, and various other injuries are pretty common in this region. Trekkers get injured quite often, making them unable to trek further or return to their original spot.

Another essential factor to consider is that of altitude sickness. Acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness is common in the region as it lies at a very high altitude. Some of the significant altitude sickness symptoms include nausea, headache, dizziness, breathing difficulty, insomnia, loss of appetite, and others.

Trekkers are pretty prone to altitude sickness because they arrive at a very high altitude in a short amount of time. There are various measures trekkers should take including acclimatization and hydration to tackle altitude sickness. However, if you show these symptoms, you need to descend quickly to lower altitudes.

Therefore, in this case, a helicopter evacuation becomes essential. Helicopter evacuation is a swift process that takes patients from remote trails to various low-altitude medical centers. If the condition of patients is severe, we can also transfer them directly to Kathmandu.

We provide this service in less than three hours after we first receive your authorization. Besides that, we can also land in hospitals with proper landing facilities. Hence, you can give us a quick call to get this helicopter evacuation from Jongla. Contact us for more information about this quick and comfortable travel in the Himalayas. Have a safe trip!

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Helicopter Evacuation from Jongla (Dzonglha)